Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

That was awesome!

Lol, noobs sucks, hey if anyone wants to add me "neropyro532"

deathxcs responds:

Lol, thanks for the nice review. Don't play RS anymore though so I won't be adding you.

Better graphics!

i hate barrows due to the chances of dying and a friend or mine died due to dharock hitting a 43 on him just the second dharock was dying he ran out of prayer

Well its a good flash but man its really bad drawn try to make the 2nd part with more dedication

add me if ya feel like it "erreip 199"

deathxcs responds:

It's ok graphics. Stick men could get a 3.

Amusing, and yet, truthful.

It's so true. I don't do barrows, myself. However, pretty much anywhere I go, I either have someone begging, someone hoping I die so they get my stuff, or someone just being a "Noob" in general. Considering my combat level and skills, though, it's not all that surprising.

Is this flash a representation of something that you've gone through, personally? Or is it perhaps just a take on what you believe it must be like for some people? ;)

Oh well, any way you look at it, it's an excellent flash. I'd like to see more from you, even if it's not the same subject matter (I.E. With killing/noobs involved).

Feel free to add me on Runescape. Username=Acehole31. If I'm on, you'll see me. My chat is always on. If you don't wish to add me, however...Then that's no problem.


deathxcs responds:

Ty, very long review. I dunno, I just though of this flash randomly, I know some noobs do wait at Barrows for people to die.

fr33 st00f pl0x!

lol, so true

deathxcs responds:

Errr ye.

that was fun!

nice flash!

deathxcs responds: