Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

Ok flash

It has a lot of poyential. you can tell the creator is naturally a funny person but this was too short and you cannot hear what they are saying.

lol i hate when that happens

thats a true think in barrows lol tha twas great keep them up!

Pretty funny!

This is a very funny flash,and I can't wait until the next episode!The only problem is that the voices don't match the way the people's lips are moving.Please make more!

deathxcs responds:

Ye, I really can't fix the lip syncing. I did try though.


It was alright for a Runescape parody. The graphics weren't good and it was kind of hard telling who was talking at one point.

It was kind of funny. I got the joke stuff since I play Runescape.
Keep working..?


^^Good Points^^
A worthy Runescape parody. This started a little slow, but once you got inside the barrows it got much better. The voice overs were well done and I liked how casual everything. When you started yelling "free stuff" I just had to laugh. The ending was rather funny too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Watching the first few seconds of this movie gave me a really bad impression on this movie. The animations were pretty simple, and weren't very good looking. Try to get the sync on by streaming the audio, sometimes that works, but I've had audio mysteries in the past as well :s.