Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

kinda funny... but not your best i asume....

It was alright.. gotta do better on the walking, not make it to boring, and make better talking lol.. but nice flash tho....


Sound was messed up, but it was pretty good, alot of people can probably relate to this lol

deathxcs responds:

Yep, that's the main problem of the flash. If the lip syncing would actually work properly, this would be a half decent flash.

yucy this movie is realy bad

i dont like it

deathxcs responds:

Sorry to dissapoint you, but err.. don't like it why? You can't not like it unless you have a reason...

Wasnt great

The sound was awful and it wasn't that funny.

deathxcs responds:

Ye, sorry for the sound. And I think it's funny, obviously not your style of humour. Thanks anyway.


as i said..brill...i mean..anything to do with runescape is brill by me.....i loved it when the noob said free stuff plop....but thats what all noobs say