Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

Great Flash man keep it up

Unlike the last guy i found that i could hear the sound perfectly fine
you just had to turn speakers up a litte louder. Style is amazing man ive never seen anything like it. I love how its so true how noobs ask good peeps for stuff and ur just like WTF SHUT UP!!!

Make another one man make another!


Graphics are pretty good... Nice black mage affect on the ahrim guy

The Style is something i haven't seen in a while

the sound... add subtitles... otherwise nice sound on the spell casting

Violence... ~shrug~

Interactivity... cool, 3 buttons...

Humor, pretty alright

deathxcs responds:

I got a drunk northern friend... northern England... to do the voice acting you can't understand. Blame him. :D


Very good =D pretty funny keep it up ;)



deathxcs responds:

"Absofuckinlutelybolloks" review too. Really helpful.


nice i give 5