Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"


i wish that happend 2 me.....alot

Not necessarily bad, just not good.

I think Flashscape 2 is a vastly superior animation. Also, what's with the voices? RS doesn't allow voice chat. Don't get people thinking otherwise.

that shit..

ok i think that sucked i couldent hear wat they were saying and i the lipsync sucked...


Funny and true. Noobs just annoy you and want your stuff in the Barrows.


I can see why this got on the collections, thought a few things

1)You only needa dig once to get into barrows
2)How was he able to weild a slayer staff if he was a noob? it takes 55 slayer and 55 magic right..? =o
3)that other guy who had the Ahrims on, it would have dropped the hood not the bottom
4)you can put on barrows if it just got dropped, it would be broken,
5)you need 70 mage and def to weild it and again i dobut a newpie would have those stats

I'm sorry for being an ass and pointing those things out but it was a good flash, the best part was the voice acting,very top notch, hope to see more