Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

I have spoken!

The wise old man approves! I have actualy done that to some1 on accident though......


great video graphics are kinda bad but i understand and also fillup0 u can just shut up cause u have no room to talk i bet u cant even do better ur self!


Yes you can fix the fact it goes out of sync... YOU ARE TOO LAZY!

Also, animation is bad, no just abysmal, the only good thing is that you got the fact right that you keep 3 items, I would've expected to see him wearing the full set... But just 'cause I am a wee bit friendly, you get one star... And I vote 1.


i love system of a down that was 1 of the funniest flashes iv ever seen like the Fucking weee part made me lol


what the hell was that?

the animation is robot-like and he is taking so loong to kill dharok...

he goes down fast with magic.