Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

another good parody of runescape yet

that free stuff remind me noobs from my NewbieScape 2 ^^
It was a nice parody, kinda well made, but that sound getting out of sync really let tha stuff down... P.S. NewbieScape 6 pt.2 in production atm ^^ and, good luck on your next episodes

deathxcs responds:

Ye.... I did kind of get the idea from yours. EXcept mine is more of a chant, yours sounds like a song. And I just can't figure out why it goes out of sync...

And btw, are you french? Because you sound it.

it was prety good

I hate it when noobs do that. it happends to me all the time. anyway. out of sync. i couldent understand what the noob was saying. and the graphics where realy bad but atleast the they wernt stolen from runescape. other then that good job. it severd its purpous.

deathxcs responds:

As I said before, I can't really fix the fact that it goes out of sync....
Maybe you couldn't understand the noob because he was supposed to be speaking crap...

Not bad

I'm not a big fan of runescape (I used to play it members)
The animation and sound wasnt that great but i got a good laugh outta it

deathxcs responds:

Yup... I still need to get better at flash....
And sorry.... it's pretty crap due to it being out of sync.

Loved it

Lol nice work Jon, You drew dharoks and ahrims guy very well.

BIG 5!!!!

deathxcs responds:

Thanks Mark !

dude i was just thinking

i was thinking i should make a rune scape flash :P

but ooo no you went and did it good job full arims :P

gotta love the acuracy i hate noobs who talk to ya when ya are try to do somthing :P

deathxcs responds:

The idea came from just basic looting... I usually got pking on my AMAZING pure... and when you kill, you always got to leave some food or something behind. So looting noobs is the basic theme. And I know people usually stand in Barrows Crypts waiting for someone to die.