Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

Preety good

good flash, most of theese runescape ones are taking the piss out of zezima or going on about how it sucks, voice acting was good, and the sound effects, I liked how you put in the prayer and he kept hitting 0, like he would, but yes, attention to little details made it a good flash.

deathxcs responds:

Ok thanks. Iw ill imrpove the graphics in the future, this was sort of a test... to see if people liked my work. Lots of you do, just a little exception...


ok this flashh is kool the problem of the voices is not too big anyways i got three questions:

1. what is your runescape name?
2. do you play a lot of rs?
3. can you give me some free stuff lol just joking. can you add me?

deathxcs responds:

1. Deathxcs
2. I'm mostly on my pure.
3. I'll add you if you want... I don't know your name though.


You ripped of the begginning of the first two Noobscapes and touched on a subject that everyone who has ever made a Runescape flash has done. I don't know why Tom put this in a category cause it's pure crap. Die

deathxcs responds:

Suppose you ripped em from runescape?

And it isn't exactly just a noob asking for free stuff... it's about him ttricking him, distracitng him so he dies.

And your movies are no better...

great :)

this was a great runescape flash. it reminds me of the time some1 asked me for my g maul free while i was fighting a hero (yes i'm a lvl 60 noob) and almost died while he stood there waiting of course i had food and he said this while i was fighting "die u rat bastard so i can get free stuff!!!"

deathxcs responds:

Yup, they are annoying. But then again, I just have to do it sometimes....

Don't like people who loot your wildy kills though.


:D great, never realy done barrows, just skipped by once to check it

deathxcs responds:

Thanks. Do Barrows, you SOMETIMES (rarely) get good rewards.