Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

lol ownt

full arhims but ownt by DH lol... douptful some noob could wear arihms as u made him seem w that hat lol well funny adn do duel arena on ur nxt 1

deathxcs responds:

Ooo ye never though of that... let's just say he's a noob in the respect he's poor, not his level.

The thing about being beaten... it's because he was distracted by an annoying noob.

And I don't know what I could do about the duel arena...


Dude i loved it and i think it is nice of u to respond to all the reviews, add me my username is jockthebrave

deathxcs responds:

Ok, I'll add you. Thanks for the review, and about responding to reviews, I only get 1 or 2 reviews a day, so it isn't exactly hard work!

Phr33 St00f Pl0x? Sounds familiar...

But really, I'm sure it's been around for centuries, making fun of noobs.

Gj btw.
Anyway, I think RHQ made it up..
Either that or it's been around for centuries. But whatever, still some funny shit, man.

deathxcs responds:

I don't think runeHQ made it up.... but thanks for the review anyway.


It reminded me a little bit of NewbieScape2 when the dude was begging for free stuff.

deathxcs responds:

I did get some inspiration from that, ye. Thanks for the review.

Not bad

Much better than other RuneScape movies that i've seen. Your pictures of Dharok fighting the guy in Ahrim were pretty good, and it had some humour. The sound was a bit odd, but was much better than anything I could do. Well done.

Make the next ep. At the kq or something lol.

deathxcs responds:

I did have a good idea for the next episode which I forgot.... if I can't remember it, then next episode will have something to do with KQ...