Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"


i do barrows a lot and i always get asked by a noob 2 give them da stuff ur usin when a noob comes 2 me they follow me 4 30 minz askin me 2 give tham my whip i tell ya it gets on my nerves it really p***es me off

deathxcs responds:

I haven't experienced it at Barrows, but it suits what I was doing better.


I run the barrows a lot Myself, and see a lot of the same thing happening. The movie itself was pretty good but the sound quality was quite poor, hard to understand and the volume wasn't equalised. With a bit of work this submission could become a great piece of work.

The Balance

deathxcs responds:

Don't blame me. Well, blame me for using the voices, but I didn't do them. I'm guessing you're talking about the noob when you say 'hard to understand'. He had a blocked nose!

But thanks.

funny stuff

yo man good flash that same thing happend 2 my once before i got hacked bloody noobs i this noob like lvl 21 was behind me always chatting so i forgot 2 eat my lobbys and died but who cares bout my life story its your flash and i say it rocked keep up the goood work cya

deathxcs responds:

Meh, put what you want, it's your review.
But thanks for the good review ^.^


How the hell did a noob with no armor, no weapons, no nothing...got to the tomb alive?

deathxcs responds:

You don't need anything to get into a tomb, apart from a spade. This is only Dharoks tomb... not the tomb with the chest in it.


It was funny, and I play Runescape as well, so this is what the problem is for most players with.... the noob.... anyway, good job, but it could have been less laggy. for the next one either do something like the duel arena.... or the wildreness.

deathxcs responds:

I can't fix the 'lag'

And I have been asked to do duel arena before you asked.. I could, but what would I do?