Reviews for "Flashscape 1: Barrows"

not great but...

well for the last review... 70 is a bit low for barrows....
but 43 pray is enough... untilll u get veracs as the thomb...
well i dont have the prob of not beeing able to wear dragon....
i had 60+ att def and stre when i started member....
now got 71 att(so whip :)) 70 def... no barrows YET
69 def... ya kinda got neglected but i hit 23 with d baxe spec and whip...
btw 86 cb... strange1guy.......

well back to the movie....
it wasnt rilly great... but its a clear cause... vs the n00bs!!!
make a similar for pest control! well that was about it...

ill cya in game

deathxcs responds:

Only a 0 for sound? It had sound, at least a 1 for that. And please don't say my movies are bad until you submit something to compare it with. Well PC.... can't see how I can parody that. Thanks anyway.

Ha ha i get so mad at noobs

Wow i understand exactly how that dude feels. I was just in the barrows just yesterday and I had a noob begging to give me my g maul to him for 5k omg! At the moment I am trying to get my def to 60 so i can wear some dragon. Im getting so tired of wearing rune all the time. And im on a quest to get some more dragon weps and eventually and abby whip. Im not as strong as u. Im only in my lv 70s. Id love to be friends. My name is saiyankid109 is u want to add me.

Ps Nice Flash
PSS Wow i think i just broke the record for worlds longest review lol

deathxcs responds:

Isn't barrows a bit hard at your level? Anyway, thanks for the review, first one I've had in a while.

happns to me

ive never been to the barrows, but a lot of times there will b noobs foloing me around and asking for free stuff... great flash tho!

deathxcs responds:

Yup, it happens to me more when I put on my Legends Cape...


It just can't be better, I love this a lot. Especially when he used the 'f' word. This was great made me laugh. But I've a question though:

1. Why didn't the fighter put private off?
2. How do you pronounce Ahrim, Verac, Karil, Guthan and Torag?
3. What staff was that?
4. Why did the mage use melee on the spirit of long dead Dharok?
5. What's your combat level?
6. Have you ever gotten anything good from barrows?

Thanks for a great flash ;)

deathxcs responds:

I wouldn't say perfect, but thanks anyway. Now time for the answers to your questions....

1. I don't know, I never put Public or Private chat on 'Friends' or 'Off' for some reason...
2. Ah-rim, Ve-rac, Ka-rhyl, Gu-than, To-rag, and Da-rock.
3. Slayer Staff... the spell you can use with it is supposedly ideal for barrowing.
4. He didn't melee? He used the spell that you can use once you have slayer staff and 55 slayer. Let's just called it Slayer Blast.
5. 86 at the moment.
6. Went like 4 times, best thing I got was Karil's Coif first time.

And glad you enjoyed it.

unrelated question

i haven't done any barrows yet, let alone the priest in peril quest. is there any tips on earning the abyssal whip?

deathxcs responds:

Tips on earning abby whip? Well first, you don't need to do Barrows to get it. You need 70 attack, which I got at Experiments. You need to do Priesnt and Peril and part of Creature of Fenekenstrain or whatever. Once you have 70 attack, you can wield the whip. But how to get it? Buy it, or killing Abbyssal Demons (85 slayer needed)
There's not really tips on how to get it..