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Reviews for "Improvising for fun"


Way too hot.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Hot like fire


That was pretty nice. The rhythm was a bit repetitive at first but then you moved into other areas. Nice music, I have more respect for it than the computer-generated tracks on the site.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Yhea its alot harder to keep a good rythem in your head then it is to program one on a computer.

And when making a song like this, the time I have to choose the notes is milliseconds. Oppose to the infedent time you get for computers =)


Thats what the song is

Mp3-Lock responds:

Thanks =)


WOW! your best work yat man.

Nice song, but...

Maybe it's my computer, but I kept hearing this weird static sound thoroughout your entire song. That's why the score for clarity is the way it is. Oh well. Good job nonetheless.

Mp3-Lock responds:

Yhea thats thanks to my POS recorder and zero editing skills =(