Reviews for "LCCG: cocks"


This will probably actually be a semi succesful group. You actually have good art skillz and good animation skillz. This one was pretty good. It has a nice story and good use of speakonia. And a good add on how the locked clocks would move when they talked. Better than a spike moving.

Well that wasnt a locked clock. If it was a locked clock the lock would be on the outside and the clock would be on the inside instead of vice versa. Also it would be nice if you hasd a background. Oh and a link to your site.

OvenGloves responds:

this was actually a joke regarding all the other rippoffs of ripoffs
i have been a member of the LL for over 2 years and i have a over a year old drawing thread where i draw people on request.
thanks i just wanted it to have more animation then some other C/G/Lock movies

the lock was on the clock but the locked clock was just flat as paper so it had no depth
and the it had no backround because i wanted it to look like some Apple comercial
allso my personal site is mouserz.sheezyart.com
and sites where i go are Locklegion.com and clockcrew.net

anyway, thanks for the review <3