Reviews for "LCCG: cocks"


Nice little flash against spin off. Graphics were cute and the end was funny.

Anyone in the HH is a faggot HAHAHAHAHHA

...o wait FUCK


OvenGloves responds:

make flash :[


lol too true sadly.

OvenGloves responds:

^____________________________ ^


so funny... ive neverliked the clock crew anyway.
it was just like those annoying ads on television.

"i lost forty pounds and now i have a girlfriend who lets me watch porn..."


OvenGloves responds:

haha thanks <3


im gonna check that website out... oh and lymon ur a lucky fag to have that gf >:(. and hopefully you dont get sued by the coca cola company for the lymon thing

OvenGloves responds:

limon's an actually fruit :]


I laughed until that end came up. That was stupid. The rest was funny though. As for facts, I made the HH BEFORE I was banned from the LL, and I've never joined the CC.

OvenGloves responds:

well this movie is like 10% fiction anyway