Reviews for "TANKMEN 5.5"

Funny but.........

Cock Joke being the main two words in the submission?Im not trying to be an asshole but.... F**K COCK JOKES! Man that felt good. I hate cock jokes so much im going to make my first submission about No More Cock Jokes! if i can make it. I mean don't get me wrong but, this is funny but cock jokes have got to end! This reveiw was not to be offensive,mean, or generally not helpful. Stamper if you were offended, found this reveiw to be mean or gennerally not helpful just send me a message and i will read it.

not fucking funny at all

you disrespected the tankmen with this shit. the tankmen are the symbol of newgrounds and disrespecting the tankmen is disrespecting the very sight that allowd your poor animation they probly only allowd this animation was because they felt sorry for your poor animation skills.


that was horrible it wasnt funny and there was no script if u think was funny u r metal.