Reviews for "TANKMEN 5.5"


You know, it's the constant "CJs" that made me not like the first tankmen as much as i would have liked.


Well I have to say it was kind of humorous in one part, the time the tank's barrel said "cock joke". But you did over kill it a bit. I'm sorry, but next time be a bit more subtle. When you're making a parody of something as amazing as Tankmen, you have to try harder.

maby it would be funnier

if i was still 13 and the word penis was funny but know it is just annoying


y do they keep saying "cock joke" its not that funny it was at the start but just got plain stupid. not a very good video

The Start, With the boobs is just . . . not funny

thats . . . just not cool dude

F1nal Sc0res:

Graphics 3/5 story 1/5 animation1/5 humour 1/5
= 6/20