Reviews for "TANKMEN 5.5"

wtf lol

this is sort of getting repetitive i've seen too many things making fun of tank men talking about dicks that its barely even funny anymore. come up with something new people

NO way!!!

no way NO WAY I said cuz you are destroying tankmen race but if your trying then good try then


Alright, i must say that that although amusing, has to be a big misconception. Tankmen was created to be original and funny using it's own sense of humor. If you can't appreciate how much went into it, that's your fault and you shouldn't make a damn movie just to blam it. That has to be the insult into lame. But on the up side. The sound worked and it was funny but the "Cockjoke" quote was just irritating.

-The h0b0

cock obsessed

this isn't all that good in my opinion because every third word was cock joke and they used cock jokes way too many times


Penis jokes are overused, only funny when you say cock joke the first couple times. Damn when is the original gonna come back, the originals are more worth watching.