Reviews for "TANKMEN 5.5"

San Dimas High School Football rules!

So this is what happens after the newgrounds staff watch Bill and Ted's excellent adventure.

Wild Stallyns Rules!


lol, favorited.


All of these spoofs are really funny! hahahah Cock Joke!

Holy crap.

This is the most godly thing I've ever seen. Perhaps even the best. So many perspectives, and so many cocks and cock jokes.



~The good~

I found this parody the funniest out of the three that I've witnessed right now. The voice-overs were hillarious, and the constant "cock joke" was pretty hillarious. Graphics weren't bad, especially for a parody. This was also longer than the parodies from Tom and Johnny, which was a treat to watch.

~The bad~

I may've said the graphics were above average for the normal parody, but way below average for Stamper graphics. Also, could've had something more fresh, as Johnny already emphasized his utter use of cock jokes.

Overall, another awesome parody by you three, I could see this turning into an NG holiday. I hope this review was helpful!