Reviews for "TANKMEN 5.5"

The eyes are what nailed it.

I don't know why, but their eyes appearing and winking made me laugh harder than I have in days. The whole cock joke thing was great, especially the tank saying it.

That, and the first few "cock jokes" sounded like Ben Affleck's voice to me for some reason.

OH that Stamper...

...I only 5'ed it cuz you made it and you make me hot in meh vage.
But seriously, this was funny allthought i'm still looking forward to the TRUE 2nd one.

Cock Joke Cock Joke Cock Joke

Finally a good tankmen other than the regular 1 and 1.5!!!

haha cock joke.

Hilarous tankmen episode with the massive amounts of cock jokes and slow but sweet randomness,only from good ol Stamper we can see this. :)


That was hilarious. Simply put.