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Reviews for "Jim: His Hidden Life"


you could of made it better but i like the fact you put the shadow the hedgehog ending song in that game is awesome

Jimtopia responds:

The game wasn't that good, but it's a cool song.

Jimtopia - Manga Edition!

One of these great little pseudo plotlines that you could do with revisiting in one of the callbacks that you do during your Jim Day Flash - I'd love to see them visit the magical world of whimsy that this place on the other side of the portal became.

The effects of the newer animation were only dulled by the lack of voices, but now that you've got that sorted in the latest episodes, you're ready to come back to this place.

[Review Request Club]

Getting better

I have been going through all your stuff and it is obvious that you are adding little things here and there. Definitely getting better. Can't wait to see the rest.

Jimtopia responds:

Thanks so much.

no pants?

was good i rather you make movie wit like funny or fight but good and why dont they have pants on XD. and make sure you answer this review so i dont feel left out and ask why i spells funny. :D

Poorly drawn, but not horrbile...

~The good~

The story was pretty interesting in the begining, and you used very great music in this flash.

~The bad~

The graphics were way below average, in my opinion. The hands were circles that were just motion tweened, they weren't even attached to the body... Also, though the music was good, in the second song, the music was just too loud compared to the rest of the flash. Also, some voices, even if it would be speakonia, it would help.

Overall, this flash had some horrendous graphics, but the story was pretty good. I hope this review was helpful!


Jimtopia responds:

Thx for the review, I hope that my not horrendously drawn beginning background was good.