Reviews for "sunday night beatdown"

good stuff

yea this is pretty damn good street punk.. and that eddie fireman is a joke, atleast this sticks more to the punk roots than that wanna be shit you listen to..


that song was crazy. it is nice to find some good punk music on here.

oh my god finally.

oh my god, finnally someone puts a song that "actually sounds punk".

You should have cut the song down by a minute, it would have been perfect otherwise. the lyrics worked, theirs a good sound going on, I just think It needs a little bit more variety.

still better most of the shit here.
a lot better.


Yo giftedbutttwist, whats wrong with hawthorne heights?
Anyway, great song man, more on the hardcore horror punk side, but I guess thats just the detroit sound huh. Good song though.

yay punkzorz

i love da ol' skool.