Reviews for "sunday night beatdown"

da da d-da da daaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dood dis da dopest dood, |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||


Vocals sound kinda like something outta Gwar :P very sick song man!

how is this

how is this song not on the very top of the "punk" music list?
this is the sickest punk song on here
ive always wanted to say this
"for shizzle"


Was awesome sauce.

YO, its mo-fackin D.A.!

Im not sure whatever happened to Buzz the bass player who posted this on here. But Im the old guitar player and wanted to share some info with you all. Im no longer in the band, but the band is still going strong with the origional singer ALI K. For those of you asking the band is called D.A. (formerly known as Don't Ask) and can be heard in some other submissions here on Newgrounds. Look em up on Myspace and tell Ali and the guys FUCK YEA!!! By the way, the song is based on a true event that took place at St. Andrews Hall (of 8 mile fame) in downtown Detroit. The band and the crew had to jump off stage in the middle of a show and destroy some Nazi Skin heads that were tryin to start shit with Ali K.'s little bro, then the security got involved and got their faces punched in by a group of punks that consist of some of the hardest hitting amateur boxers in the world , and some straight up old-school punks, and criminals. Needless to say, we were banned from St. Andrews Hall for a while after that.Bwah ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Feel free to send me a shout if you guys have any questions about the band, thanks for the support, and SUPPORT YOUR SCENE!