Reviews for "sunday night beatdown"


Dude, is there a site for this band? It kinda reminds me of this local one called Dr. Gonzo, contact me back, if you will.

Sounds a bit like Dead Heroes

Great song....I'm digging the sound. They remind me a bit of the Dead Heroes, a great band from New Jersey. Style's kinda similar.

good stuff

yea this is pretty damn good street punk.. and that eddie fireman is a joke, atleast this sticks more to the punk roots than that wanna be shit you listen to..


these people are making one of the most wanabe rock soundtracks EVER. they all suck.

detroitpunx responds:

for some 17 year old fag that has linkin park as one of his favorite bands im sure you know alot about punk rock.. fucking queer

if its goode enough for the christo

its good enough for you