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Reviews for "Snakes on a Plane-TRAILER"

Wasn't funny.

I didn't enjoy this. It wasn't funny enough to be as long as it was, so I just had to keep waiting for it to end, my mind begging fate to give me a payoff that didn't come.

The art, like the length, would have been acceptable if it had been funnier. Wasn't terrible art, just had no style or interest. The people often seemed too long, especially when sitting down.

Everyone had a souther accent? Learn to cover that one up when doing Sam Jackson, buddy.

I was pleased with some of the timing involved in the humor. The background music that rolled in during the boxing scene was fitting, and cued up in a very pace-setting way. If the joke had payed off, that would have been a great scene. Right there you got an A on directing and a D on writing.

Keep up the work and develop the humor into something original and funny- I genuinely believe you could become a very successful and talented flash artist with practice.

CakeBread responds:

I'm getting a lot of hell about the voices here, and you have to realize it was two people doing almost every voice in that entire movie. It's going to crossover. A lot. South Park does almost the exact same thing, you'll notice that except for about 12 characters in the entire show, the same few voices get reused over and over. I didn't realize it would be such a big problem, especially since everyone seems to expect me to be able to mimic one of the most distinctive voices in Hollywood.

Everything else you said is subjective, but I want to put it out there for all four of you who read this: please be accepting of the voice talents that were available to us. It's not as easy as a lot of people think to get that right.


A little funny... but your trying to make fun of the movie which is #1 in the box office right now. I havn't seen it yet but from what I heard, it was good.

CakeBread responds:

The film is awesome. It's amazing. I made this movie out of love for it.


i didnt like it the humor was rly weird and the sound was to hard but that doesnt mater.


that was fucking harlouris and if your thinkin about watchin the actuall movie dont coz its the worst film ive ever seen first i thought it was a porno then half through watching it i thought it was a comedy then i relized it was serios thats when i cacked my self