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Reviews for "Snakes on a Plane-TRAILER"

Them Nazi Snakes

awesome i couldnt stop laughing

Very High Level Stuff...

I'd almost call it genius, but it's still just a very impressive parody. Not always the most original route but definitely friggin' hilarious when done properly. As far as this being top-notch in writing, animation and character design, well, you're all aces.

This also gets a 10 for interactivity, because it interacted with my brain in the sense that this type of work should be a perfect example for anyone who wants to be exceptional at Flash. It's not only well drawn and animated, it's FUNNY.

More stuff from you (person or people) who put this together could be easily thrown into the ofmgPRO category pretty quickly.

best flash seen so far

the best flash movie i wanted, i just got. now we got an ad, all we need is the movie. fukin funny and good.

Absolutely Hilarious!

I loved it! You're the man! It was frickin funny! The animations wasn't bad either. I give you a 10!

You deserve it! Keep it up! I want to see more of your works!


Me want more humour based flash movies like this taking the mick out of crappy shitty movies !