Reviews for "Snakes on a Plane-TRAILER"


lololololollololololollololoololloolloololololololollol. that was awesome!!!make more like that!like bugs on a windsheild!lol.if there was more than a ten and a 5 i would give the highest!

I loved it

That was awesome, especially hte part with the critics. Nice job man.


I laughed like crazy its the best preview i've ever seen... Every movie previews should be made by u... its so funny lol!

omg, I can't stop laughing, that was great!!!!!

This is one of the most hillarious things I've seen on ng, I hope u make more stuff like this, great work, and ny one who thinks this sucks is an idiot. Again, great work, and I loved the part when the snake tells the old guy that the other guy in the green shirt is a naxis snake lollollollollol.
There were snakes on the plane....

Ooh funny...I like.

That was hiilarious in some parts, I need not say more.