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Reviews for "Snakes on a Plane-TRAILER"

Loved It.

Being British I loved the part about the British snakes!!! Particularly the dancing snake at the end. Awesome. General sillyness appeals to my crude sense of humour. :)


Hey, you should make T-shirts out of that one shirt the guy was wearing
(THe Snake+Plane=Snakes on a plane with SoaP under it).
I would DEFINATLY buy one...


"He's some kindof Nazi Snake"
"God damn fascist snake!"

That cracked me up!


This is just great! I love the part with the british snakes and "This summer" :D
A masterpiece!

awesomest movie

that was.. a... flash.
awesome 'trailer' XD
funniest movie ive seen in a while
i loved the part about the british snakes

well that would make a silly movie.