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Reviews for "Snakes on a Plane-TRAILER"

I loved this! The movie was every bit as cheesy as we predicted. My favorite part was probably when it showed the snakes mating. That was so funny. The bit with the snake telling the farmer to kill the guy was great too. There were just so many good lines.

This was pretty long for a trailer, but it doesn't matter. It's great to look at the memes that were popular in this day. The animation was really funny too. I'm glad to have seen this. Samuel L. Jackson is always awesome.

It's got snakes. And a plane. And....well, that's all you need, right?

Laughed my ass off! Only one minor issue: I think there were a few clipping points or noise glitches in some of the dialog. I don't *think* it was my system, but I could be wrong. Still, I enjoyed it immensely!

lol that was funny

nice video XD


I loved every part!! Funny as hell :D

I lol'd.

Their numbers are multiplying. Lol.