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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


I think im in love with you. You make the best flash movies ever. Im serious I wanna make love too you, maybe while your making toof 9. Toof makes me so hawt! seks? k ty. j/p

So simple... so amazing...!

I am loving this series with each passing moment! I got the t-shirts about to be ordered for school in a week, and i am quoting phrases from the series in public! Ok questions time, *BOHP*

1. Will you ever introduce a toof that like is plaquey (sick)?

2. Does Toofield get jealous of your sweet 'cellular, cellular phone, cell phone, wtf you call that stupid thing!' (lol quote from TooF 3)

3. Do you need music ever for the TooF shorts? I can provide!


and last,. Race ya in pinks. Deal?

Well thats all i can randomly think of. PM me if you have any random assortment of letters you want to throw at me, like fgnfgjdhagdagagk!!!


Heh heh. SAWEET!

Man I loved this one. Not the best but hey, they can't all be brilliant. I love how you just managed to fit in some action (slightly) into all that talking. Right, now I'm gonna sign up to the Toof forums.

"The JC means Juber Cool!"


meow mix rwar i wanted to be in reply plz k tehnks to be mention lalala what did i have for brefteisht good flash make toof cuze pwn sold cuze rwar oldies own the yugnis weeeeee!
- Teh moo mix

man....this shit is funny

God Dammit your too damn funny for this world. Your sense Of humour is outragous( did i spell it right?) and i think you should look into really making this a show on the TV Box becasue man u missin out on something you could make the big bucks youve been looking for :D