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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


Another one! As fun and well done as the others! Keep it up, I wanna see more from you! BTW does your preloader involve lots of AS or is it just an animation that moves randomly? (it's very cool!)


haha yes! first off i love the series... its pretty nice i gotta say.

its pretty cool of you to relize when it starts getting to crazy with the special characters... i think (and hope) that you'll stick around with the greatest.

ps. i think on the last one (toof 7) you mentioned you were playing starcraft... i just want to give a big shout out to starcraft, it rocks pretty hardcore.


Heyaz! Itsa your favourite jackass Darknezz!
Nice episode indeed, but too bad that we got no special characters in it.
Lil question supreme: Will TooF rule the world?

Tip: maybe TooF can use a rotten TooF character.


I realy think this a good series. Hey, you know what would be cool. If the toofairy came to visit them.


woah did that come out of your mouth
yeh its pretty mind blowing
fantastic series lol