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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


More Toof! Hurah! You deserve many treats.
I am now, your biggest Fan. Seriously. I'm checking every day for more tooooooof!

One thing in this thought. What was wrong with lefts toofs eyes? They were the same color as him. I thought they were white?

Gerbel Turtles

Hey great flash as always I liked that you went back to the basics and I was wondering what gave you the main idea t ocreate Toof??? Please if you can answer this on the next logo replies thanks always
-kai 101

Very nice.

Simple & Funny
But I have a favor to ask you?
You tell me what you think of these comic I made
& I need a professional view
Go ot the form for the link (Toof 8)

Are going to have "Liquid Toof" at some point?
You rock,

Nice...I liked it.

An idea though...

Maybe you could make a TooF: The Movie trailer. You know, show the person that has the TeeF. Also, like, show the facial expression on him when the whole middle of his mouth was blown up.

Sincerely, your #1 fan,

dont let thm get to u

hey man great flashes ive been watchin thm since the 1st toof there great do let these punk ass b!tches get to u there nobodies ur animations are funny theres are just cruel and hateful dont give up on toof its a great animation like wut your sellin off of your website funny stuff take it easy