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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Loving the series man

You are a god walking among mear mortals.

Im loving the series man.

Q1. Are you going to make a proer movie or just shorts for evey episode. Like it would be dead good to see like a longer episode of them going to the dentist and pulling out the king or somthink.

Q2. Do you have any plans for a different series or are you going make TooF until people get bored of it?

Q3. Have you ever mud wresled


Okay so...

This wasn't as funny as the others but I couldn't dislike it. I mean how can anyone dislike anything with an explosion in it!

Anyway maybe for that guys question in the replies about Cruise and SolidTooF you could have a wrestling scene or a gunfight, that would be cool.

And I think that bringing the king back wouldn't be a very good idea yet but hey, what do I know right!

Looking forward to the next TooF with all that wierdness you displayed on the forums and I'm really wondering how on earth you're going to get that in but hey, you are the REAL King of Flash. Screw that faker!

Anyway TooF RULES!!!


*just for the record: I actually feel ashamed to review a flash this good, since I myself kinda suck at flash :)*

as always, a great episode!
Graphics: 10 - not much to say really, your graphics rock
Style: 9 - I like this kind of flashes, humorous talking with action ^^
Violence: 7 - alot of teeth blew up =P
Interactivity: 7 - Buttons. Working buttons. To your website, cool.
Humor: 9 - your humor is just awsome
10/10 & 5/5 for me!!

Another great TooF episode

All of these TooF episodes are really funny, even if some aren't as action packed as others. Definitely one of my favorite flash series here, specially with the commentary (what kind of ice cream did you eat? :D) Thanks for taking time away from your day to submit these and make our days better. Woah...is someone making brownies in here?

one of the best series on ng

graphics:simplistic and clear there prety good but reused alot
style:unique and very good
sound:the sounds are good and i like them i realy like the sound at the end of number 7
violence:theres not realy any violence much
interactivity:play button yay!!
humor:very humorouse i realy like the part with the meat
keep up the good work yay