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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Loveing, The, Bleeping, Series!

Can i just ask, how did u come up with the whole, toof idea
its really, you know clever!

and emm, im a freerunner, would be cool if u made a like a freerunning toof, some reason that amuses me, dont ask

annnnnnndd how do u get the mouth im time with the voices, something i cant do for shit, if u check my, Whacko lemmings cartoon youll see what i mean, i had the ideas man just was crap at animateing them

and emm, like yeah, nice work man, i really really aprecciate
your sense of humor, just goes to show you dont need to be the best animator to make an awsome cartoon, just need those clever ideas

Peace out


Hey awesome work as usual, thought I'd actually reply to one of these, and be on the first page of reviews (unlikely). Anyway, as usual the jokes were awesome, then out of the blue BAM grenade, I love the pure randomness. Also, way to show you're not homophobic. That'll get a whole bunch of protesters of your ass. Yah, anyway if you pick this review for your flash, I just wanna hear you say the title. XD

Keep it up dude!!
Riley Vace

w00t :D :D :D

=] yippi, lol, great, all ways will be =D well done! bravo! oncour! :D, just some questions! i could SWEAR i know your voice from either, HABBOHUT, or FRAGFM :-/ do u do any of those 2? i could swear ive herd u on some sort of online radio, meh, will u ever do a Half Life Gorden freeman tooth? :D that be good, or, a nova game character :) i love ur solid snake tooth thingy, funni :D and the commentary's are kewl! are you a ice cream addict by any chance? hee hee, and mybe u should have a tooth having ICE CREAM then getting really cold and hurting! bite on a peice of really cold ice cream, and ull know what i mean :P good work anyway man *thumbs up* keep it up and keep all the chunky's laughing! mybe ull be a billi one day :P


I started lugging over all my crap to my new place at toof 5... After I was finally finished I check on this series and theres a Toof 8 o-O I have some catching up to do...

btw I loved when you were all like "I dunno, Toof cruise has some pretty slick moves" and solid toof was all like "Fuck off -_-"

it was rad, keep up the good work

10 outta 10 dudes

Just wanna put a f***ing 10/10 for that dudes ^^