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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

I really don't see what the big fuss is about

Good job in creating something that the fanboys will eat up. Good marketing as well, I can't blame you for selling merchandise. The flash itself wasn't that great though.

yay for toof :D

meh....hate it when you can think of anything good to say............ice cream for all!

Loveing, The, Bleeping, Series!

Can i just ask, how did u come up with the whole, toof idea
its really, you know clever!

and emm, im a freerunner, would be cool if u made a like a freerunning toof, some reason that amuses me, dont ask

annnnnnndd how do u get the mouth im time with the voices, something i cant do for shit, if u check my, Whacko lemmings cartoon youll see what i mean, i had the ideas man just was crap at animateing them

and emm, like yeah, nice work man, i really really aprecciate
your sense of humor, just goes to show you dont need to be the best animator to make an awsome cartoon, just need those clever ideas

Peace out

Loving the series man

You are a god walking among mear mortals.

Im loving the series man.

Q1. Are you going to make a proer movie or just shorts for evey episode. Like it would be dead good to see like a longer episode of them going to the dentist and pulling out the king or somthink.

Q2. Do you have any plans for a different series or are you going make TooF until people get bored of it?

Q3. Have you ever mud wresled


i tell u wats bollocks

once again another great flash.

take no notice to Mogly his review is a load of bollocks there wouldn't be a newground if everything was true to life.