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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


The only interesting part was the grenade scene. Other than that it's quite boring and the voices sound the same for the both of them... so that's rather lame. If you do the voice acting on your own, might i suggest you ask a friend maybe to assist with that? I mean, you doing the voice acting for the toof characters and making them sound the same is annoying.
By the way... the toof series have gotten boring now. There's not much creativity you can do when the characters are confined to a person's mouth and are stuck in one spot.

Excellent! Toof series is amazing! I love you!

Please put me in your next reviews, I thnik they'er the best part of your 'animations', I've just got 2 questions.
Question 1: How big is your mic?
Question 2: Where did you learn to draw like that?
Question 3: Can I be in your reviews?
Question 4: How do you animate your voice into all those different, "crazy" styles?
Question 5: Can I be in your reviews?
Amazing, I fink u r Amazing, Tom Fulp should put all your toof series on the Frontpage at all times. KEEP AT YOUR GREAT WORK!

Great series not many problems but...

In the TooF series ive noticed on very very strange thing, the guy that the TooFs are in is always open. does this person have some sort of mouth disease that it needs to be kept open or somthing cause i mean only one time does it close and thats to kill chicken, o i got it chicken carried a disease now he keeps his mouth open to eat?
anyway im gonna stop im just confusing the hell outta myself
keep on going great series


This one was good!!! and I liked the red words in the logos, reminds me of The Word... forget which show that was on Colbert report or daily show with John Stewart.

Q1. Will you have any zombie toofs/toofs with plaque and any going to the dentist scenes/brushing toofs (preuming that these toofs are in someone's mouth)?

Q2.Will there be any profesional fighting scenes? It would be awesome like a wrestling/boxing match and there would be two toof reporter guys.

Q2.Are the idle toofs actually alive? or are they just asleep, or having unimportant chat unrelated to the storyline?

P.S. I was gonna type in teeth instead of toof(s), luckily I remembered :P.

P.S.S. plz atleast read this reveiw!!!!

P.S.S.S. I'm gonna join your forum.

P.S.S.S.S. I think this is my longest reveiw :).

Okay so...

This wasn't as funny as the others but I couldn't dislike it. I mean how can anyone dislike anything with an explosion in it!

Anyway maybe for that guys question in the replies about Cruise and SolidTooF you could have a wrestling scene or a gunfight, that would be cool.

And I think that bringing the king back wouldn't be a very good idea yet but hey, what do I know right!

Looking forward to the next TooF with all that wierdness you displayed on the forums and I'm really wondering how on earth you're going to get that in but hey, you are the REAL King of Flash. Screw that faker!

Anyway TooF RULES!!!