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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


The humor was ok in this. A bit dry, but ok.

The guy's eyes on the right were messed up. I think you made a mistake in the masking, but that should be a quick fix. Also, his mouth. I think it's the "E" sounding one. It is the color of the tooth on the inside. Maybe you forgot to fill it in white?

Ok, that's all I've got. You've got some things to fix.



I like the Toof series
Don't let all the "haters" out there make you stop making these things :D Can I ask you some questions

-Where do you live if you don't wanna answer that tell me which country you live in

- Where do these Teef get all of there stuff?

- Can the tounge in the mouth talk?

-Dazmi :p

Freakin Sweet

Awesum movie, sweet ass explosion, it rocked!

Dont listen to those jeolous nerds that try to dis/blam you man cause they're just fags that have no life.

Enjoyed it, good voice acting


Seriously man you really need to put more effort into your graphics. They are simply awful. And what the fuck was with the guy on the rights eyes? Why was the inside the colour of the toof and where youve masked over it it was white? I honestly have no idea why these get 3.5 + each time. Frankly the sound quality is good but your voice tends to grate after a while. Maybe get some other people to do some voices because yours is not exacly musical. So far through out your whole series you have not managed to raise more than a smile from me! And i laugh my ass of at BBQbeefburgerman. And another thing what the Fuck is with your comentaries (sp?) They give no insight into the making of the cartoons. They just simply mock people that don't find your cartoons "Hilarious". I am not amused. END.


that was one of the most simple toof's I have seen in awile but still very funny. I have to say that at first i found the eyes to be abit freaky, but once it was explained that it was a stairing contest I under stood.

Suggestion: Why not have a girl toof, a baby toof, or an old toof

Question: In the first toof the tonge and the other thing started to talk why dident you do this again?