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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Classic TooF

What exactly did he spit out? It looked like a grenade. Dammit, I wanna spit grenades!!!


This was not as good as the others..
And I understand why too.

I liked the logo Reply AND the commentary.
I hope more people review this so you can add more voices to the reviews.

Its great! But...

It seems the past few episodes have been loosing the audience a little, the score keeps going down, maybe the charm has run out, you need to think up something very witty for the next episode because toof is becoming a little repetative, I mean I still think its great its just that I'm saying this because its true.

you just lost it.

man you just so lost it. You didn't even color in the eyes for that one tooth this time. And you barely moved the camera at all. If you hadn't just put in the part about the teeth exploding for no reason which was the only part you actually did a little animating on, you would have been below 3.50.

Ha Another one that i missed..and loved :P

Keep it up man! :)
oh Question-
Do you find it funny that your weekly flash movies kick more ass then some of the harder worked ones? i do. =D Keep it up