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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

too funnny

wow man this is great I had to atch ita third time to see the grenade part lol.


woah did that come out of your mouth
yeh its pretty mind blowing
fantastic series lol


.. shut the hell up! Why can't you see that you shit is funny!? All you need is two people talking with some witty dialog and you got something genuinly funny! I mean, damn! I can't even think of some of the shit you come up with! And stupidly creative things pop in my head at a mile a minute! I just lack the ability to animate and things to attach my ideas to xD Anyway, I'm done ranting. Perfect all around, like always!

Don't be hard on yourself

Just because there are just 2 teeth talking doesn't mean its boring that was funny (mud wrestling legue and mom pix lol) Like this man. Explosions are fun too.

Honestly Hilarious

It was Funny, the part about putting a picture of the other Toof's Mom, under his eyelids, Made me laugh my ass off.