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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Ok, I like how this is going.

I throughly enjoy your series, I find them funny.

I often wonder why you do things that are more talk then action. It's not that the talking is bad, since series like Tankmen is mostly about talk. I just find that the humor could use a little more work. Something like having some different colored toof appear cause he wasn't brushed right..... I have no idea where I'm going with this.

Anyways, nice job. Keep up the good work.

PS: my cousin likes King Toof.

Still going strong...

Usually a great series like this, after a couple episodes, starts sucking ass...but everytime I watch a new episode of the Toof Series©(yes you are now copyrighted becaused I found that damn alt code) I expect something bigger, better, and newer to happen, and luckily, it keeps coming, ok, Im gonna go, good luck with the following toofs, later. -Matt


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I'm starting to lose interest in this little series. I dunno why. I mean, there was barely any animation in this episode along with the other episodes. Sorry Logo, but I think you're losing it.



haha yes! first off i love the series... its pretty nice i gotta say.

its pretty cool of you to relize when it starts getting to crazy with the special characters... i think (and hope) that you'll stick around with the greatest.

ps. i think on the last one (toof 7) you mentioned you were playing starcraft... i just want to give a big shout out to starcraft, it rocks pretty hardcore.