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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

i still love your series

nuthin wrong with bein a fan your still the man logo but i didnt hear you in tankmen btw y no cuban toof, teef, teeth, w/e shirts? i gotta have 1 from toof 5 man please make my sexy king

1 word AWSOME!

ok again toof makes me laugh awsome man its pretty hard 2 make me roll on the floor but anyway yeh this is awsome keep on makein toof it is awsome and stay safe -gives u ak-74,ice cream and ak-47 amunition- anyway im oout its pretty late here

Once again, kick ass.

Dude, i have no idea where you keep gettin this shit but it is fuckin awesome. Hell yeah, TooF is all 5's man, never voted below a five so far so, umm, im bored now so im gonna go watch more toof then foamy. later.

Awesome just awesome

Ok logo i am a big fan of TooF you may know me as Dark from your forums i would get back on but i forgot my pass i put in that email and it didnt give me the email im just saying could you help me with this ive tried 5 times
Well on topic for the movie questions
1:Ok i have a suggestion ok so there the cavity TooF a toof with a cavity he talking with cuban TooF then sudenly Tongs come into the mouth and take Cavity TooF away cuban TooF cries.Then 2 reular TeeF pop up and talk to him then one bangs him against the head(like in TooF 4)
2:Would you consider a dark TooF like hes black and when they meet him he got a realy deep voice(DEEPER THAN SOLID TOOF)
that would be clool.
3:I realy like TooF and would like to see this reveiw in number 9

Singing off

Losing your touch

Logo, I'm a big fan of yours but this needs to be said. Your slowly falling into a rut and your fan base is shrinking as is the quality of the 'TooF' series. I loved the first 5, but the rest are evidence of you losing the touch you first started off with, the originality once thought as humourous is slowly becoming a droning hum comapring to the roar it had been. I compell you to make more, but please try to bring back the witty, simple humour you first had, and bring in some new ideas to the series.