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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"

Nice Job

You need one thing more though... Your flashes are just becoming the same thing every time man!!! You need some nice flashes that continue on to the next it sorta leaves you in suspense.

Great job none the less and CONGRATS ON BEING KING OF THE PORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK now im bored...................


Heyaz! Itsa your favourite jackass Darknezz!
Nice episode indeed, but too bad that we got no special characters in it.
Lil question supreme: Will TooF rule the world?

Tip: maybe TooF can use a rotten TooF character.


Dayum, i love this series it really makes me laugh, although i have a few questions.

Do you care about all these TooF parodys being made, some offensive some not?

.2What colour is your hair?

3. This ones an idea not a question maybe you should add someone from the country talking in a country voice.

P.S: good luck with the rest of your series

Crack Cocaine Snakes

I was laughing so much because the Toof reminded me of a quote from Snakes on a Plane 'Snakes on crack'.
I was not expecting a grenade that was good.
Good luck in the next one! No suggestions since I trust your ideas!


man i like toof he rocks but this episode was . . . different . . . o well hope the next one will be awsumly cool!