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Reviews for "TooF Staring Contest"


This was a great TooF episode, i particualrly like the "Picture of your mum" Joke, it made me crack up, along with the "Mud wrestling in a speedo" That has to be in the top 5 best moments in TooF!

And the "Stuff i could use to blackmail my friends" Pure genius!

I personally like the LogoReplies, very entertaining!!!!!

Keep up the good work, Get those dreads And keep eating the ice cream (Strawberry For the win ^^)

Many thanks


that was good but plz mke more


Ohhhhhhh thasa good a flash, and u say ive never seen a flash so a good!!!!

that was great i loved man every episode is funny and u get them done so quickly which is good cuz they make me laugh and arnt crap like well crappy authors so all i have to say is keep making toof till you run out of ideas or grow old lol

Here comes a good REVIEW!! (lol i love that dude hes so funny)

(toses two 2 litre things of turtles super uber deluxe chocolate with some peanuts and caramel) (lol if thats actually an ice cream flavor im going go take a piss in my own mouth)

Foo! You just got 5'vd!

Great series, just tuned in last night. I hope you make many more so i can be a stupid newb and 10 them all, :D

(Gives Ice Cream)


Even though this one has no special characters, it was still funny. I especially liked the explosion! I do have a few questions though.

1. How did you came up with the idea about making flash series about teeth?
2. Where did that TooF get that grenade from?
3. Did that TooF from episode 3 ever got to sell that chip that was stuck in his side for 40 bucks?
4. Was the medic from episode 7 gay?
5. Is the army coming back in one of the furute episodes?
6. How can you bake brownies in a mouth?
7. Why is everyone asking questions in their reviews?

TooF is one of my favorite flash series, so i hope there will be much more episodes. Keep up the good work, mon!