Reviews for "Megaman 3 Remix <(dj Xemex)>"

Hmm ...

Mega man 2 had the best bosses, Mega man 3, has the best theme song.
this remix sure have brought back alot of memories ... the 1st time I fought needle man >_<

great work over all

Hell Yeah!!!

It's like retro got kicked in the face and was replaced by awesome. Good job


This would be so epic if Brentafloss used this version. This version makes me very Nostalgic. There should be a Megaman 3 Remix. This should be used in it . :) keep up the great work.


I feel like I can kick someones ass when I listen to this lol..

Quite good!

An excellent job you did with Remixing this song. Upbeat, techno-ish, and all around great! I feel that this Remix just helps remind fans, and gamers who still play, that this is perhaps the best of all Megaman games and it had just gotten better with this song.

Although I do have a -slight- problem with the song in regards to the fading. Maybe its just me, but I don't really think the fading suits well for an ending. But thats just my opinion. Either way you've done a wonderful job with this remix. Do keep up the great work!
~ DancingMia