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Reviews for "-[ Funky Loop ]-"

:D. Win Epic

Freaking awesome dude! Finally a funk song that makes
me want to play it again and again. Its got a chilled feel
but at same time maintains a level of excitment.


Just awesome.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

:D Thanks for the review jesse


This is hilarious, its the friggin essance of funk. Great job.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

Thanks :D
The essence of funk, i like the way that sounds.

"Gotta luv dat funk!"

mahn, dis is de best funk I've ever had the pleasure to endorse my ears into lstening, tis a crime that it wont be finished.

luls, nice work, 5/5 10/10


I know a music program that can give you realistic drum sounds. FL studio. Sadly it is costly. It has an application that when piano rolled, gives you drum sounds. But hey, real drummers are good too!
By the way, fantastic song. The brass does sound a bit dry. Maybe a little wet modification? I have no clue what i just said but i can tell the difference between wet and dry sounds, they have an FL app for that.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

I'm not sure if your joking but oh well.
I use FL studio. By all means, FL studio DOES NOT have realistic sounding drums ( If you mean the FPC ). SLicing loops wasn't an option either.
There's actually a little bit of reverb on the brass but i agree, it sounds far too dry. Shame i can't correct it.

aw hell yeah

this what i been looking for