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Reviews for "-[ Funky Loop ]-"

Great song! I'm really interested on how you made this in FL Studio. It seems complicated.

I really like the trumpets and the funky bass. Nice work!

FlamingFirebolt responds:

It's fairly easy though, honestly making an EDM song requires much more then a song like this.
The bass is NI scarbee Amped Bass, the break is sampled from a vinyl record. ( popped into fruity slicer ). The brass is recorded by sorohanro. The hammond organ is from the free Kore player (native instrument) and the Rhodes is also from native instrument scarbee serie. I'm not advertising but NI makes great stuff ^^.

Thanks you liked it,

:D. Win Epic

Freaking awesome dude! Finally a funk song that makes
me want to play it again and again. Its got a chilled feel
but at same time maintains a level of excitment.


Just awesome.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

:D Thanks for the review jesse

This song is so awesome...

I just love this funky loop! It's so catchy, I even hum this song sometimes.

FlamingFirebolt responds:

:D Ha i'm glad you like it.
I hope more people can 'hum' to this song.

"Gotta luv dat funk!"

mahn, dis is de best funk I've ever had the pleasure to endorse my ears into lstening, tis a crime that it wont be finished.

luls, nice work, 5/5 10/10

We're using this in a game jam contest. Hopefully it's alright. We're so stressed for time that I don't know that you will see this in time but we will change it if you don't want us to as soon as you respond!