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Reviews for "}Voices{ (Dubstep)"

Crazy kore!

ultimate chill zone with that hard grind funk behind it! eargasm!!!! Would deff love to hear more! keep me updated bruv!


this is sick

Nice 9/10

Nice job, I really liked it. Thanks for the submit!


I'll tell you what man, this is getting close to the kind of stuff I'd love to here more on this site! It's very dark and ambient, and I love that. That pad is perfect -- PERFECT -- for this style of music man. Your drums are pretty expressive, although your snare could stick out a little more in my opinion; consider increasing the sustain on it. Your wobble bass had a good rhythm, but I'm kind of dubious as to its tone; in my opinion, it didn't feel harsh nor deep enough. Consider adding a hint of distortion to it (no more than a hint lol), and consider dropping the octave of the bass in places, especially the beginning (or consider layering a sub bass underneath it). You have great ideas in here man, I can't wait to hear the final track! =) If you have any more questions for me, seeing as I'm god tired and a little drunk, let me know man over PM, I'd be happy to help you out in any way that I can! =)

MA3HbO responds:

Thank you for the nice review !
I wanted to create a more, lets say "happy" track.You may see a piano in future versions.Still not sure about it though.As for the bass, i'm going to say it again - there is a SUB.Some distortion will indeed be nice.I'll consider trying what you suggested.As for the drums, i might change them alot (going for harder ones - check out my track called Monster to see what i mean by hard drums).
Thanks for the support man.I'll let you know if i have any questions and i'll PM you when i finish this one.

PS.Check out Reignee's song Badman Sound i'm sure you'll like it. :)


First off thanks for your feedback, means alot :)

I really LOVED your intro, it was perfect in every way I could imagine.
I agree with jazzman about the bass, though you certainly don't have to put it an octave lower ;) just a sub will do, and the snare, and maybe a very very little bit more of sustain on your kick, so it blends in with the bass that follows.
Awesome track dude , I'll be looking out for when it's totally finished!

MA3HbO responds:

Thanks for the review.
I've put alot of work in the intro and i'm glad that you liked it.
As for the drums i might use a different kick and snare.The current drums are a bit weak for me.I'm wondering how did you not hear the sub? :)
Anyway i'll let you know via a PM when i finish this one.
Thanks for the support.

Edit: Made the drums better :)