Reviews for "The Emo Kid Game"

That was........Aweful

I'm sorry, that was just terrible. Firstly, It was way too hard. Second, It made me concentrate, I'm too lazy for that kind of action! third, Leave emo's alone! what did emo's ever do to you? Huh?

To improve this crappy peice of messed up flash, I would add some little animations. Like when you click it should make a yelling noise and the emo should bleed or get cut or get punched or something along those lines. I havn't played 2 yet. I pray it's better.

In response...

The song is called MakeDamnSure by Taking Back Sunday.

It was plastered all over MTV for at least a year.

As for the game, it's blunt and... well, boring, I guess.

Stay emo.


Omg what sort of game is that dude!

does any one know that song i really like it the songs like 10/10


whats the name of that song? o.o

thx^^ hope somebody cann tell me v.v


wrost game i played ever lol but i got to 6000 and stop MAKE IT MORE ENTERTAINING FOR EXAMPLE MAKE HIM TALK OR A REACTION OF SOME KIND