Reviews for "The Emo Kid Game"

The music was good....

...but the rest of the game.......

emo just need some thing else not happy

they just need love and friends


A half hearted attempt. Tacky gameplay and sub-par graphics.


no offense but ths game is extremely gay and very offensive. not all emo people cut themselves and also they all dont have black hair or frown all the time. some of them might like that kind of music but i wouldnt say its anywhere in the genre of emo music (unless you prove me wrong about it) but either way this game is severly stupid and the emo kid looks really bad somehat like a little kid drew themselves sad and wanting to harm themselves. the other stupid thing was the eyes, they dont need to glow and what the hell are they some damn colored contacts they are just damn ridiculous. this game does make me somewhat sad cause i am what a lot of people consider emo and NO i do not cut myself. but either way i would be nice if you took this game off but if you would rather not then dont i cant make you.well thats all i really have to say thank you and good-bye.

it sucks

im emo, and the music isnt. the game makes me sad inside... lol. the song is makedamnsure