Reviews for "The Emo Kid Game"


nice game but you could add other songs. i bet no one can get as high as i can 303! woo hoo

To VirginianThrashMetal

Dude, no one cares about the whole emo bashing/hating thing anymore,
I was looking like this before everyone started acting emo.
Don't judge someone by the way they look, cause they might not be emo, i don't believe in that cutting crap, and i do have a long fringe but i don't make an effort to put it in front of my eyes. Sure I listen to My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic At The Disco, Green Day and Avenged Sevenfold, but aren't I allowed to choose what music I listen to. Yeah i'm sick of emos too with their whining and poser crap (trust me, here in australia everyone is trying to get in on it just cause some of us look good with the "emo" look. But i don't listen to depressing stuff or talk like a faggot, so don't judge people who look emo cause they might not be.

wohoo Your Score is 157!

emos have a hard life,they have to CONSTANTLY keep an eye coverd with a gay hair trend,cut themselves daily(which i understand is hard to keep track of)and feel depressed all the time. awwwww,poor emos. HA,DIE YOU FUCKERS!! DEATH TO THE EMO TREND! i dont care if anyone finds this "offensive" boo hooooo. dont we "AMERICANS" have the right to speak our mind?


It's ok but there's no reset button.


the song (taking back sunday-make damn sure) is awsum
i used lyrics finder 2 fund it a minit ago