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Reviews for "ZIMMY Puppet pals"


i didnt know what i was looking at, but it was hilarious at that.

what was the song in the first scene???

i want it!!!!!!!11

IZSBHR responds:

"Defacon Zero"

You were looking at ZIM with puppets.

What are the songs?

What were the musics you used in here?

i loved it

stupid haters! you deserve a TEN


yay it has gir, he makes everything better :^) and why was gaz there shes......weird. But anyway i liked it so thats all that matters.
i liked the pig eating pop corn :p

/-/ /\ \/ [] /<

IZSBHR responds:

That "pig" was minimoose.

Gaz is there because I made the original video to creep out a friend...

and he hates ZAGR, so I put that in an easter egg... overall, people loved the thing, so I had to keep her in it.

good is there easter eggs?

i didint get it but it was funnt so that is what matters any way in 1 dudes review u said u put zagr in an easter egg is thaat one of the alien leader dudes? any way can u give me a hint were to find the easter egg

IZSBHR responds:

At the end, there are 3 of them :)